Powering  Northern Michigan

We offer a skilled career with fair pay, paid  benefits, and an opportunity to grow.


Looking for a skilled career? Or do you want to improve conditions in your current job? Looking for fair pay, decent benefits, an opportunity to grow? On-the-job respect?

Our members work in nearly every part of the economy and can be found on the job at construction sites, power plants, factories, offices, shipyards, TV studios and rail yards.

We know that there’s strength in numbers and have a proven path to help get results. By securing good wages, solid benefits and safer job sites, our union helps build a better road to the middle class for all working families.


IBEW members receive the extensive on the job training and classroom time to ensure that projects are done right the first time. IBEW Local 498 members install, maintain, and trouble-shoot critical electrical and data systems in the commercial, public, industrial, and residential markets throughout Northern Michigan.

  • Training – Paid apprenticeships

  • Benefits – Health and retirement

  • Competitive wages – Earn what you are worth

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